Who better to flaunt our styles than the women who really wear them?

Member: Margit D.
Lives in: Brooklyn, NY
Member since: March 2013
Size: 20

Monday is the start of the work week. Wednesday is “hump day” (or help-me-with-my-math problems night). Thursday and Fridays are for young singles who still have the chutzpah to leave home for dates and dancing (wow that sounded like I’m 90, anyhoo…). Weekends are for families, kids and chores.

But TueNight is your night.

Gwynnie Bee member Margit Detweiler is the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of TueNight, a website she created to serve as a platform for women to share stories and ideas. Margit says of the site,

“It’s for women who are essentially redefining their life at the “mid-life” point (I hesitate to say midlife). It’s really about your 30s, 40s, and 50s. Between Millennials and Boomers you’ve got what they call Generation X  and those women are at a pivotal point where they’re like, “Okay I have some life experience but I’m looking towards what’s next — what’s my next move?

Whether its next career, a literal move, maybe you have kids, maybe you don’t have kids. There’s so much diversity in that age range that you don’t see in the media. If its online you’ll see Jezebel and xoJane where it’s young and I can hardly keep up with it or its on the other side in mainstream magazines where it’s like “Dye your hair! Don’t let your greys come out and get botox! How to look 20 years younger!”

Let’s embrace who we are as women and tell our stories and show the diversity. We’re still a very new site,  I’m trying to figure out where that community is and how we bring that online.”

MargitNAM1 Lucky Brand Ikat Boatneck Top, sizes 1X-3X
NYDJ Audrey Ankle Jean, sizes 10-24W

MargitNAM2 Lucie Lu Shift Dress in Chevron, sizes 1X-5X

Johnny Was Tamar Kimono Dress, sizes XL-4X

Johnny Was Tamar Kimono Dress, sizes XL-4X

Do you feel like Gwynnie Bee has a place in the same realm as TueNight as a resource for redefining yourself? Do you feel like Gwynnie Bee and TueNight share some of the same goals?
Oh definitely. There was really never anything like this when I was growing up and it was always a struggle to find really great fashionable clothes that fit well and I think the idea now too that you can reinvent yourself all the time: every month you can reinvent yourself with these new clothes — it allows you to test drive your new self, like “Who am I gonna be today? Today I’m going to wear this bright shift dress, or today I’m going to wear jeans and this killer chevron top. You’re able to take risks and there’s freedom in that.

How did you discover GB?
I think it was actually on Facebook through one of the targeted ads. Once I went to the site I was totally hooked. I thought it was a brilliant idea. I instantly sent it to everyone I knew, anyone who could possibly be interested. I just thought it was really a great thing for plus sized women because there are so few options for us that are cool and trendy — and casual too. I think casual is a big piece of it. Gwynnie Bee offers things that you can wear everyday which I think is really important. You want to look nice every single day. I love the idea that you can have a fresh look every single day if you wanted to. I was instantly hooked.

How often do rotate your wardrobe? Do you hang on to pieces you love or swap in new looks all the time?
I probably do about 2 or 3 rounds in a month on my 3 plan so I’m getting 6 or 9 pieces.

Describe your sense of style.
It’s casual meets trend-forward. I’m not overly trendy but I’m definitely up on the trends. I like bright colors with black. I like the mod look alot; cat eyes. I like effortless style, which isn’t usually effortless—as we know, as women. There’s a little preppy in there. It’s kind of a mix of all my life experiences in a way.

Who has had the biggest influence on your style?
Definitely my mom, especially when she was in her 20s and 30s. She was very clean, simple and because of the time period there was a little of that mod element; the pencil skirt and the black turtleneck. She’s much more classic than me; the Cartier watch sort of thing and the pearls. I love that and admire that, but then throw my own sort of funkiness into it. I love the mod icons like Edie Sedgwick, Twiggy even, ironically — people that aren’t afraid to wear bright and bold geometric patterns and colors.

Are you working to figure out “what’s next?” Do you identify with Margit’s mission to embrace who you are at any stage in life? Comment below!

Want to get out in front of the camera? If you’d like to play not a model with us, we’re always looking for ladies with wonderful stories about how Gwynnie Bee has impacted them. Just drop us note below!

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  • Lori Lantz

    Margit looks fabulous! I love her idea that the look we develop as adult women reflects a mix of our life experiences. When you look at her, you see someone who has obviously lived (and is living) an interesting life.

  • http://www.tuenight.com Margit

    Thanks Lori! This was such a blast.

  • http://www.britrodriguez.com Brit Rodriguez

    I’m officially signing up and choosing my dresses today. I’m doing the 10 dress plan to start because I’m taking Gwynnie Bee to New Zealand. I am a singer/songwriter that performs with an ukulele. I am going on my first tour and it is a whopping 3 weeks long with only 3 days off. I will be performing in about 7 cities from an Opera House in Omaru to St. Moritz in Queenstown to a lovely lodge in Glenarchy. I need stylish dresses and there is no better way than thru your fantastic site. I will have many pictures and videos to share. I have received quite a lot of press already, but anticipate more once I arrive as well. I would love to speak to someone to coordinate this awesome opportunity we both will have. I live in Hollywood and leave on July 8th. My first show is July 11th. Thank you for your time and especially for making it possible for this girl to have a new dress at nearly every event on her first music tour. I do feel a little like Cher.
    Kind Regards,
    Brit Rodriguez

  • http://www.gardenofwords.com Okelle

    I love this feature on your blog. Seeing women with bodies that more closely resemble mine is a tremendous boon. While I appreciate that more and more plus-size retailers use larger models, a size eight or a size ten is going to have a different silhouette than a size 20.

    I’ve gone up and down in size over the course of my life. It wasn’t until my late 30s that I really began to accept and love my body at a larger size. Dressing well is one of the things that helps me do so. I wrote a blog post about switching almost entirely to online shopping a few years (you can read it here: http://gardenofwords.com/2012/08/01/guide-to-online-shopping-for-curvy-ladies/). Now that I’ve got a solid wardrobe in my closet though, I find that Gwynnie Bee is a great way to keep it updated. I also love that your service minimizes the risks and costs associated with online shopping — things like shipping feeds, restocking fees, and the fact that you never know how a piece will work until you try it on.

    I’d be interested in learning more about posing for “not a model.” Please contact me via email if you’d like to discuss it further.