Who better to flaunt our styles than the women who really wear them?

Gwynnie Bee member Jodi McKee knows a pretty picture when she sees one — whether it’s through the lens of her camera (she’s been snapping away since age 6) or on one of her expertly curated Pinterest boards. Ranging from fun party ideas to great interior design, Jodi’s eclectic visual boards have garnered her an incredible 3 million Pinterest followers. Her eye for style extends to her wardrobe too. We joined Jodi for a photo adventure in DUMBO, Brooklyn where she took pictures for her blog in some of her favorite Gwynnie Bee outfits.

Power Pinterest pinner Jodi McKee wears #GwynnieBee #ASOSCurve plus size fashion at her #NotaModel photo shoot

ASOS Curve Bird Print Wrap Front Dress, sizes 10-24

Power Pinterest pinner Jodi McKee wears #GwynnieBee #LondonTimes plus size fashion at her #NotaModel photo shoot

London Times Printed Tulip Dress in White & Blue, sizes 10-22W

Power Pinterest pinner Jodi McKee wears #GwynnieBee #Thread&Butter plus size fashion at her #NotaModel photo shoot

Thread & Butter Adrian Sweater, sizes L-3X


Kiyonna Twirling in Tulle Skirt in Black, sizes 0-5

What inspired you to get into photography?
I have been a photographer for as long as I can remember. My grandfather was a amateur photographer; I think his love of film rubbed off on me. I got my first camera when I was six and have been snapping photos ever since. I made the move from just taking snapshots with friends to purposefully going out to try to make art about 10 years ago. And ever since I moved to NYC eight years ago, my love for photography has only gotten stronger. I have made some amazing friendships with fellow photographers through Flickr and Instagram. It’s the best.

What advice do you have for getting the perfect shot?
Oh, wow. That is a hard question. Carry your camera everywhere (even if it’s just in the form of your iPhone) and trust your gut. Some of the best shots are when you just stop and take it, even if you are in a hurry.

What camera do you use?
My main camera is a Canon 6D full-frame DSLR. I also have a myriad of film cameras, my favorite being my grandpa’s Polaroid SX-70. The Fuji Instax Mini is quite fun to carry around, and I always have my iPhone with me.

You suggested that we spend our afternoon together in DUMBO. What makes it a great location for a photo adventure?
Because it’s awesome? No, seriously, there are SO many things to see in such a small area, it’s kind of amazing. Views of the Brooklyn & Manhattan Bridges, street art and murals, interesting shows and restaurants, Jane’s carousel, cool old brick buildings . . . it’s just one of those neighborhoods that begs to be photographed!

How did you get involved with Pinterest?
I had been using Google Notebook to save images with their source links intact. Google stopped development on Google Notebook and it got to the point where my web browser couldn’t update anymore unless I got rid of the plug-in. Victoria of SF Girl by Bay had hinted at something new that was coming and I emailed her directly to ask about it. She invited me to Pinterest when it was still in it’s early beta days (four years ago!). It was love at first click.

How would you describe your aesthetic? What influences your Pinterest boards?
I love good design, whether it is interior design, graphic design, clothing, fonts, floral arrangements. When it comes to my ‘Interior Inspiration’ board on Pinterest, I find that I am always drawn to light-filled white rooms, with lots of colorful accents. Modern eclectic probably best describes my style in that way. My crafts and paper goods boards always veer toward the colorful. I also especially love letterpress goods. When it comes to clothing, my go-to outfit is jeans and a striped long-sleeve t-shirt. I also love wrap dresses with small prints and tend to stick to shades of blue.

How did you discover GB?
A co-worker mentioned it to me last summer. I signed up right away and have loved it ever since!

Without Gwynnie Bee, my style is kind of boring! Striped shirts, jeans, the occasional dress. With Gwynnie Bee, my closet is much peppier! Overall, I guess I would say classic, clean & simple, with a dash of prep and a smidge of hipster.

What are some of your favorite brands with in the GB collection?
Kiyonna is my absolute favorite. I also really like London Times, ASOS Curve, Lucky Brand, Coldwater Creek, and Lands End.

Any advice for the GB community?
Do what makes you happy! Pick clothing with colors that you love, take time for yourself by working on a hobby that makes your heart sing, get out there and meet new people even if it is scary or intimidating. Just go for it!

Get inspired by Jodi’s pins over on her Pinterest page, which includes a board illustrating looks in her actual closet featuring some of the styles you see here and follow Jodi’s ongoing adventures on her blog. More from her “Not a Model” shoot, below.

Which featured look do you think is the most pin-worthy? Comment below!

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