Style Tips

Meeting the Consumer Where She’s At – The Future of Shopping

Hoarding catalogues to trolling malls, Tupperware parties to Cyber Monday, as long as there have been things to buy, we’ve been inventing new ways to shop for them. Today, we’re one-click away from those Gucci slides we’ve been coveting. But in a world where we are using crowdfunding apps in our ride-share cars on our way to AirBnBs – ownership isn’t king anymore. So, what exactly is the future of shopping? read more

9 Outfits For Labor Day To Snag For Yourself

What’s better than the three-day weekend? Dressing for it. Labor Day is right around the corner–BBQs, picnics, trips to the lake, casual stay-cations–there is so much to look forward to. Can’t decide what to wear? We’ve got nine closet-ready outfits that are perfect for any of your festivities. Check one thing off your holiday to-do list and click to closet these looks today. read more

How You’re Wearing It: Warm Weather Workwear

Summer style is all about dressing down, vacation looks, and great weekend wear. However, when your 9-5 doesn’t involve taking the summer off, how do you still look professional while staying cool? Our members know. Their summer workwear has been filling our #ShareMeGB feed. Read on to get inspired, and check out our Top Rated: Summer Workwear for more ideas on how to dress for the office. read more

7 Ways to Master Closet Confidence

Gwynnie Bee and Year Up are partnering to bridge the gap between personal style and great workwear for young women entering the workforce. We spoke to seven incredible women from Year Up in various stages in their careers on how workwear affects their careers, confidence, and personal style. Each of their personal stories has a piece of wisdom that even the most seasoned workwear lovers can learn from. Read on to hear how each woman has achieved her own Closet Confidence. read more

How You’re Wearing It: Tie Sleeve Detail Ocean Stripe Print Top

We love to see you experimenting with style and taking true statement pieces for a spin. That’s the beauty of a rotating closet–never commit to a look that could be a better fling! Case in point: the Katherine Barclay Tie Sleeve Detail Ocean Stripe Print Top is lighting up our #ShareMeGB feeds–it’s a bold look, perfect to take you out of your closeting comfort zone. If you’re looking to take a new fearless look for a spin, try out this bell-sleeve top and read on to pull inspiration from a few fashionistas on how they’re wearing it. read more

Style by the Numbers: Trending Across the Country

This month we’ve been celebrating the Best Dressed USA, honoring states with style superlatives, based on their fashion smarts. We looked at how each state uses Gwynnie Bee over the past year to learn a little about the unique way they like to dress. Today, we’re breaking it down even further. Curious to see how where you live might affect your sense of style? Read on to find the interesting trends we saw across the 50 States of Style. read more