Brand Spotlight: Poppy & Bloom

#GwynnieBee #BrandSpotlight featuring plus size brand #Poppy&BloomHey girls of Gwynnie Bee! Meet Poppy & Bloom, a Seattle-based clothing company founded by three women who together decided to take curvy girl fashion into their own hands. Founder Lindsey Tabor (left) tells us how the brand came to be.


What initially inspired the brand’s creation?
All three of our founders shared the common goal of wanting to create a brand that women could feel inspired by. Each of us have experienced the lack of beautiful, flattering clothing for curvaceous women, whether while shopping for ourselves, a friend, or a family member, and we wanted to create a clothing line that made women feel confident, playful, and charismatic.

When was the brand launched?
Poppy & Bloom formed in early 2013 and we launched our collection through the crowd-funding website, Kickstarter in November of 2013. We debuted with our Spring/Summer 2014 collection.

#GwynnieBee #BrandSpotlight featuring plus size brand #Poppy&Bloom A vintage-themed Poppy & Bloom photo shoot

How would you describe the brand’s aesthetic?
Poppy & Bloom is whimsical, charming, and playful.

How do you envision the women you design for?
We design for the girl next door. She is smart, witty, confident and can get her hands dirty as well as get gussied up for a night on the town.

#GwynnieBee #BrandSpotlight featuring plus size brand #Poppy&Bloom The Poppy & Bloom ladies celebrating their Kickstarter launch

What has your team’s experience been within the plus size industry?
The plus size industry has been very welcoming to us! We have made many friends with bloggers, boutique owners, and designers. It’s a very collaborative industry and we are honored to have been accepted with open arms. Many companies in the retail apparel industry and media have been very accepting of our plus size brand. There has been a huge increase in plus size media coverage as well as stores that carry plus sizes in the last year or two, which we’re very excited to be a part of.

#GwynnieBee #BrandSpotlight featuring plus size brand #Poppy&Bloom Behind the scenes at a Poppy & Bloom photo shoot

What do you hope to change within that industry?
We hope to be one of many brands that start to bridge the gap between straight sizes and plus sizes. There should be an equal variety of clothing available to women of all shapes and sizes. We plan to bring desirable clothing that woman want to wear to the plus size market, one season at a time.

#GwynnieBee #BrandSpotlight featuring plus size brand #Poppy&Bloom Pretty pattered Poppy & Bloom fabrics

What trends does your Spring/Summer Collection follow? 
Trends come and go, but classic, flattering style will never pass. We aim to design dresses with the same timeless lines that were made popular over sixty years ago. We consider seasonal color trends to stay current, but we always choose colors we believe will stay in style indefinitely. We use high quality fabrics and the highest level of craftsmanship, right here in Seattle, to ensure that our dresses will outstand countless wears.

#GwynnieBee #BrandSpotlight featuring plus size brand #Poppy&Bloom Svetlana and Olga reviewing designs

What does your brand bring to the Gwynnie Bee collection?
Poppy & Bloom offers Gwynnie Bee members a collection they can count on. We use fit models of varying shapes and sizes to ensure the best fit possible for our customers. Each of our styles is designed to be flattering and stylish for all body types. Our fabrics are tested for quality, durability, and whimsy- we want you to feel confident wearing our collection, but, more importantly, have fun while wearing it!

Poppy & Bloom Kickstarter Spring/Summer 2014 Collection from Matthew Pew on Vimeo.

With two Poppy & Bloom dresses in the Gwynnie Bee collection and more on the way, we can’t wait to see how members like this new brand. Have you tried Poppy & Bloom yet? Comment below!

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  • Meagan Beth

    What a gorgeous line and a darling video!
    Can’t wait to try some of their dresses; such gorgeous colors and shapes!
    Love their models, too, so pretty.