Brand Spotlight: Hutch for Gwynnie Bee

We love introducing new brands to the Gwynnie Bee community, and today is no exception. Welcome: Hutch! Known for their young, feminine, flirty silhouettes, dedication to impeccable fit, and special attention to fabric, Hutch joined the fun, yet sophisticated contemporary space on the GB website. We sat down with Daniel, owner and designer of Hutch, to talk finding the plus market, what a plus woman wants, and the keys to delivering it. We hope you fall in love with this brand addition, the way we have.

Hutch Sienna Wrap Maxi in Romantic Floral

On Finding the Plus Size Market

“I had been designing, pattern making, a bit of everything for many years when I decided to do a plus size women’s contemporary brand. There was a total void for great, contemporary, fun product in the plus size market. At the time, there just wasn’t a place to sell it – if you wanted to put a plus size line in the department stores, you also needed a standard size (sizes 0-12) component.” So Daniel created Hutch in standard sizing: a brand made for women who love fun, young, flirty, and sophisticated style.

When Hutch got the opportunity to create a few plus size pieces for another rental service, Daniel jumped at the chance and asked just how many pieces he could do. Given the opportunity to dive into plus was what he had been work towards for years. But he wasn’t going to stop there.

“Once we had that arsenal of experience in our back pocket, I said to our sales director, ‘You have to go after Gwynnie Bee – those people are wonderful!’ And it’s been exciting! When I see our product on your platform, I think it adds something special. It’s been a great partnership.”

Hutch Sienna Wrap Maxi in Romantic Floral

On What A Plus Size Woman Wants

“Everyone has these preconceived notions of what a plus size woman wants: ‘they want to be totally covered and not show off their shape – they don’t want this or that’. That isn’t the truth! The plus size consumer wants the same things a straight size consumer wants, there is no difference! Except, they want the proportions to be right, and the fit to be impeccable, so they can wear it and can feel comfortable and confident.”

On Why The Name “Hutch” Has a Bigger Meaning

“The brand isn’t named after me and that was important. It’s because this clothing line isn’t about me – it’s about you. We serve a broad age range and we have a full body range. I wanted to give something to everyone: women who love color, are comfortable in their skin, women that love impeccably fitting clothing. If you love fun, flirty, feminine, sophisticated, clean style, we’re the brand for you, and about you.”

Hutch Claire Combo Dress in Black and Olive Floral Jacquard

On The Perfect Fit 

Fit is absolutely crucial to the success of Hutch. Daniel and his team know that you can’t take a standard size garment and just grade it up – finding the right fit is work, but it’s essential. His team works with a plus size fit model that they just adore, helping the team achieve the right fit.

Our Gwynnie Bee members have been vital in this process as well:

“The customer reviews [on the Gwynnie Bee Site] are so essential. Our team reads every single review. This is first hand feedback and we can really hone the design and discern what is working and what isn’t, and get the fit perfectly. Listening to this feedback is so critical. I’m in it ­– I want to see what people are saying!”

Daniel says the feedback the members are providing him mean that we can expect better and better fit as new items are launched on the site. If a piece wasn’t a home run this time around, watch out for product launching in Spring  – the fit is likely to have been improved even further, based on your feedback.

“We are actively taking the feedback and moving forward with it. If a piece didn’t do as well, we’re not just going to throw it out! People rented it. People wanted it. So, how do we take that product and make it even better? We’re going to look at the next iteration of that piece and make it new and improved.”

Hutch Toni Dress in City Lights Print

On Fabric That is More Than It Appears

“The fabrics we choose are high quality fabrics that have something special. We invest so much time in finding these fabrics, and sometimes online you can’t tell how great the fabric is. You might see it as a cute black dress, and then you get it and see roses are texturally woven in and it’ll be a little surprise, it’ll be a little extra something. These things propel us and set us apart. When you get it, you see the detail and design in the fabric, and you appreciate the product more.”

“We’ve found the best lining. There is this comfortable knit lining that is so soft and luxurious and it’s so comfortable. You’ll feel like you’re on your couch in your pajamas, but you’re not, you’re in this gorgeous dress and it changes the whole feel of the dress. We’re doing it with everything going forward. I can’t wait for everyone to experience it.”

Hutch Liana Knit Dress in Navy

Daniel leave us with these heart-warming words that affirm Hutch’s whole philosophy, “We’re not putting out product that we wouldn’t wear ourselves or have a close friends or family wear. We want it to be the best it can be. We’re on your side. We’re listening to feedback and we’re excited to create something for you.”

Photography: Blake Davenport
Hair and makeup: Lindsey Zelli Ashworth
Model: Becca Barrett

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